Coffee Cruiser

Our new TradeWind Coffee Cruiser is available to book for festivals, school events, weddings, sports events, church activities and more. Our truck is capable of serving nearly every beverage we offer in our store - including lattes, frappes, hot cocoa, americanos, chai latte and cappuccinos.

Because we operate within a smaller van, we are able to fit many places that traditional food truck style vehicles cannot go. We’re fully self-powered by a quiet on-board generator and can setup anywhere that has good ventiliation.

We can setup your event as open bar (host covers the cost of beverages for event participants) or cash bar (each guest covers the cost of their own beverage).


  • $0 setup charge - We allow 15 minutes for setup and 15 minutes for clean-up, but there’s never a fee passed on to our customers.

  • $35/half-hour - The first hour of your event is free, and a base fee of $35 per half hour applies thereafter for private events. This fee helps cover our fuel and other operational costs.

  • $3.75 / $4.25 / $5 per drink - for pre-paid events (price breaks are <50, 50-99 and 100+)

  • $0.35/mile - Have event, will travel! However, we do charge $0.35 for each mile in excess of 30 from our shop in Dacula (direct, not round trip mileage).


We always promote - when requested - our coffee cruiser events online via our social media accounts. In this way, we’re partnering with you to help get the word out about your events!


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